Calvary Temple Church of KC

Our History

Newlweds Kenny and Shirley Foreman came to Kansas Ctiy from Beaumont, Texas, in response to God's calll and vision to establish a church.  This young enthusiastic couple began to clean the dismal, dirty old Belmont Theater at 5607 St. John Avenue. 

Calvary Temple's first service was conducted Sunday afternoon, October 6, 1957, in their new "revival center."  Under leadership of the Foremans until 1965, the church grew and became one the fastestgrowing churches in the Midwest.  During this time Nancy Harmon came on board and grew the the Temple choir to 85 members.  The Temple Choir produced a number of albums during this time and became an inpiration to many across the nation.

C.B. Roberts' term as pastor was from 1965 to 1968.  O.H. Wolff served from 1968 to 1990.  Thomas Boyce was elected pastor in 1991 and served to 1999.  Larry Albertson was elected pastor in 1999 to 2003.  In March 2004 Barry and Ronda Chandler were elected pastor and served until 2014. In September 2015 Wendell V. and Sharon Hamilton became Interim Pastor.

Throughout these pastorships, an educational building was erected at 110 S. Lawndale, which served as the Temple Tottery, Calvary Temple's Day Care Center.  The two bars that were on each side of the church are no longer in existence.  One adjacent to the church now serves as the Youth Center and Fellowship Hall.  The other across the street now serves as our outreach ministry building known as Cornerstone Ministries. In 2002 construction was started on an apartment building that was purchased in 1985 on S. Oakley.  The building was finally completed in 2004 and was dedicated as our Kidz Zone.  This is a beautiful facility that now serves as our nursery and educational wing for our children's ministry. 

God has been faithful to sustain the church through the years.  Many hurting people have been helped because of the outreach and commitment of the people of Calvary Temple.   It has served as a lighthouse; it has been a beginning for pastors, evangelists, choir directors and instrumentalists.  Each week people from many different ethnic groups worship here.  The come with one purpose in mind--to lift up Jesus Christ.  May we always be faithful as God is faithful! News & Information